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Yes, You can make a difference!

Becoming a River Cities Humane Society for Cats volunteer is more than a way to fill some time. We hear many people say “I’m just one person — what difference can I make?”  Like you, we know that big changes happen one small step at a time — one person at a time.

At River Cities, you will bring healing and comfort to the many resident cats that have come to our shelter. You will be helping to spread the humane message by participation in our outreach programs, or providing practical services that free up resources that can be used to touch even more lives. You will know that you are making the world a little bit kinder, a little at a time, for animals and people.

To become a volunteer, please complete both sides of the Volunteer Application and return it to us. The volunteer coordinator will call you to schedule an interview and a tour. You must be at least 18 years of age, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian who will volunteer with you.

We are flexible in most of the volunteer positions with respect to times. However, there are some tasks which must be performed at a specific time. When deciding which positions you are interested in, please ask about time commitments.

Your volunteer time with us will undoubtedly provide us with much needed assistance. It should also be rewarding to you, so we will work with you to match your interests and talents with the type of work that gives you the most satisfaction.

  • What hours and days are you available for volunteering?
    Please check the volunteer positions in which you are most interested. All volunteers must be age 18 or older.