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About Me

Jeff wants to know if you can NetFlix and chill tonight! This laid-back, sweet, and fearless fella thrives on cuddling with you and never seems to tire of being held. Car rides don’t even stress him out and he will greet any stranger for affection. Everyone who meets him falls in love with his charming personality. This sweet, laid-back boy can chill in your lap for long periods of time and be perfectly content.

Jeff has two medical conditions that make him an extra, extra special kitty looking for just the right home. Jeff is visually impaired and FeLV positive. When Jeff came to our shelter, he was completely blind and no cause could be found. After some time, he is now able to see some shadows and movement, but he may never fully recover his sight. Jeff isn’t at all bothered by this. Once he learns the layout of a room, he has no problem getting around and he always seems to know where the people are.

Jeff has also tested positive for Feline Leukemia Virus. FeLV is not a type of cancer. It’s a virus that causes a weaker immune system and often a shorter life-span. For the most part, FeLV kitties are just like any other cat. But because of his test result, he should be an only cat or only adopted to a home with another FeLV+ kitty.

FeLV is not spreadable to humans or other animals that are not cats. And while these cats may have a shorter lifespan, they have the same quality of life and are purrfectly adoptable! Jeff’s FeLV diagnosis means he needs to go to a home willing to protect him from stress and willing to feed him a high-quality diet and take him to the vet for regular check-ups. It is also critical that he is kept strictly as an indoor only cat. Jeff currently appears happy and very healthy! Many pet owners have FeLV+ cats in their homes and don’t even know it because their cats were not tested. When and if a FeLV cat does eventually get sick, a FeLV cat will usually get very sick quickly and may need more care than a normal cat since their immune system doesn’t work as well.

We promise sweet Jeff is worth it! He will shower you with so much love and affection if you offer him a loving forever home in return. If you truly want to RESCUE a cat and have the right home environment, Jeff is your guy!

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