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    Do you work from home and find that you are far too productive? Are you constantly staying on task and ignoring distractions, to the point where life has become predictable and somewhat boring? Well, we have the solution for you! Introducing Crystal! The best distraction you’ll ever meet!
    If you take Crystal home, she will make absolutely sure that the monotony of everyday life is broken up by exciting play and snuggle sessions. Crystal can sense when you’ve been spending too much time on adult things, and she won’t hesitate to remind you that while pens are extremely useful when it comes to doing paperwork or paying bills, they are also a crucial part of the fantastic game of “Cat Bats at the Thing You Are Holding and Trying to do Adult Things With.”But wait! There’s more! In addition to keeping you from getting too serious with your adult things, Crystal is a wonderful stress monitor, intervening with rubs and snuggles from the sweetest kitty you could ever ask for.
    Crystal is here at the shelter waiting to be taken home by someone willing to give her plenty of love and snacks. She does fine around other cats and she is good with dogs!
Crystal is an extra special girl looking for an extra special home to call her own. After overcoming a severe respiratory infection as a very young kitten, Crystal has been left with some chronic respiratory issues. She will always have some mild sinus issues and some eye boogies. Crystal is currently very healthy and does not require any medication, but due to her issues, she may be more likely to develop respiratory infections in the future and need medical attention. 

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